Hotel reservation

It is recommended that you reserve your accommodation as soon as possible. When you use the given reservation codes you will get the reduced rates. The room rates are for September 25-27, 2024, but if you'd like to book earlier check-in or later check-out dates, please contact the hotel directly.

All reservations, changes, and cancellations should be made directly to the hotel.

The Scandic room rate always includes a rich organic breakfast and free Wi-Fi. 

Dates: September 25–27, 2024. Scandic Atlas, Haapaniemenkatu 22, 70110 KUOPIO. Phone: +358300 8704 23. Email: 

Room type: Standard twin. €140 single / night, €160 double / night.  

Book at: with reservation code BITA250924 by September 12, 2024, or based on hotel availability. 

  • Scandic Atlas: Distance from FCI Symposium Venue: 600 m

Scandic Kuopio, Satamakatu 1, 70100 KUOPIO. Phone: +358 17 195111. Email: 

Room types: Standard Twin - €150 single / night, €170 double / night. Superior Twin - Best View - €165 single / night, €185 double / night. 

Book at with reservation code BITA260924 by September 12, 2024, or based on hotel availability.

  • Scandic Kuopio: Distance from FCI Symposium Venue 2,1 km