Location: Kuopio City Theatre

Tentative program:

Day 1 Thu 26.9.2024


9.00 Opening words (L. Latonen, chair of organizing committee)

9.05 -10.30 Session I: Breakthroughs in single cell technologies (Chair: Merja Heinäniemi)

Martin Enge (Karolinska Institute, Sweden): Cancer stem cells and clonal structure in ALL

Matti Nykter (Tampere University): TBA

Short talk (selected from abstracts)


11.00-12.30 Session II: Heterogeneity in Cancer (Chair: Sanna Pasonen-Seppänen)

Kyoung Jae Won (Cedars Sinai Medical Center, USA): Unveiling cell-contact interactions in cancer from spatial transcriptomics data

Charlotte Stadler (KTH Royal Institute of Technology and SciLifeLab, Sweden): Using multiplexed imaging to improve diagnosis and guide treatment selection

Sampsa Hautaniemi (University of Helsinki): Towards multi-modal data based clinical decisions in ovarian cancer


13.30-15.15 Session III: Molecular profiling in cancer (Chair: Satu Tiainen)

Minna Laitinen (Helsinki University Hospital): Chondrosarcoma - a surgical disease

Tuomas Mirtti (Helsinki University Hospital and University of Helsinki): Current view to prostate cancer research beyond Gleason

Short talk (selected from abstracts)


15.45-16.00 Eero Saksela –prize and awardee presentation

16.00-17.30 Session IV: Predicting cancer risk (Chair: Jaana Hartikainen)

Montserrat Garcia-Closas (The Institute of Cancer Research London, UK): Genetic susceptibility and risk prediction for breast cancer

Nina Mars (University of Helsinki/FinnGen): Personalizing cancer screening using germline genomics

Short talk (selected from abstracts)

Short talk (selected from abstracts)

17.30-18.30 Poster session

19 -> Dinner at Peräniemen Kasino

Day 2 Fri 27.9.2024

9.00-10.45 Session V: Functional heterogeneity and targets in cancer (Chair: Kirsi Ketola)

Tuomas Tammela (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, USA): Functional interrogation of intra-tumoral heterogeneity in solid tumors

Anna-Liisa Levonen-Harju (University of Eastern Finland): TBA

Juha Klefström (University of Helsinki): Malignant dialogue between MYC and the mitochondrial respiration


11.15-12.45 Session VI: Broadening multimodality to Image data and AI (Chair Leena Latonen)

Alastair D. Lamb (University of Oxford): The rainbow cancer: using spatial genomics to shift the paradigm of clinical decision-making in prostate cancer

Anil Parwani (Ohio State University): TBA

Pekka Ruusuvuori (University of Turku): TBA

12.45-13.00 Poster and short talk prizes


14.00-15.20 Session VII: Impact of clinical research (Chair Arto Mannermaa)

Tuomo Alanko (Docrates clinic) Young clinical researcher of the year: TBA

Panel discussion:

Johanna Mäkelä (Finnish Biobanks)

TBA (Kuopio University Hospital)

Erkki Soini (EsioR Oy)

Tiina Vesterinen (Foundation of the Finnish Cancer Institute)

Patient representative

15.20-15.30 Closing words (A. Mannermaa, Chair of UEF Cancer RC)