City of Kuopio and how to get there

City of Kuopio:


Kuopio city, situated in the middle of Finland, is easy to reach by plane, train, or car, and even by water from the Gulf of Finland. Picturesque Kuopio is also called the Capital of Lakeland and for very good reason. Kuopio and its area is covered with more water than land and Kuopio is the biggest city in Lakeland.


Kuopio Airport, located 14 kilometers away from Kuopio city center, is only 40 minutes flight from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, and there are seven daily Finnair flights operating to Kuopio. From the airport, you can reach the center of Kuopio with a local bus service or via taxi. For bigger groups it's advisable to book a taxi or minibus in advance. Tahko, one of Finland's best-known and most popular tourist centres, is less than one hour's drive from the airport and is easily accessed with taxi or pre-ordered flat-rate airport transfers.


Kuopio railway station is located right in the city center and there are plenty of trains running from both the south and the north. It takes about four hours to reach Kuopio from Helsinki. From the south, you can reach Kuopio via Tampere and Jyväskylä, and from the north, the railways connect Kuopio with various cities, including Rovaniemi, Oulu and Iisalmi.

Kuopio bus station is located at the new Matkakeskus Portti. Matkakeskus offers comfortable waiting areas and services for the passengers.

Siilinjärvi railway station, located north of Kuopio, brings you about 20 km closer to the Tahko tourist area, where you can conveniently continue your journey by pre-booked shared taxi or by bus.


The car journey from Helsinki to Kuopio takes about five hours and smoothly proceeds along the national highway 5, which cuts through Finland. There are countless routes suitable for motorcyclists in the area, and the winding country and lakeside roads in summer landscapes guide passers-by to enjoy the journey.


Kuopio's local transport buses, electric Vilkku city bikes and summer city trains ensures smooth and easy travel across the region. Whether you're going from the market square to Puijo or to one of the natural attractions in the area, the bus always delivers you close by. During the summer, Kuopio can also be navigated by water, as the M/S Princess Anne operates from the harbour to Saana and Rauhalahti during July.

Between Kuopio, Siilinjärvi, Nilsiä and Tahko, there is a local bus route 61. In winter, the Tahko-Nilsiä route is served by a free ski bus, providing additional connections between Kuopio and Tahko as well.